A book "Constructive Physics" by Yu.I. Ozhigov appeared in the online store "Mathesis"

Seminar 2001

Dec 4, 11

    K.A. Valiev
  1. Cohen-Specker Theorem
  2. Quantum Mechanics and Theory of Probabilities

Oct 23, Nov 6, 20, 27

    K.A. Valiev "Bell Inequalities"

Feb 13, Mar 20, Jun 05, Sep 11, 18, Oct 30, Dec 25

    A.A. Kokin
  1. Ferromagnetic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Quantum Computer
  2. EASTMAG 2001
  3. Coherent and Supercoherent States in Problem of Decoherence Suppression in L-qubit Quantum Systems
  4. About Ensemble Bulk Silicon-Based NMR QC
  5. S-B NMR QC with Silicon-29 Qubits (literature)
  6. S-B NMR QC Experiments
  7. Multi-Qubit QC Realizability Problem" (On "view from the enemy camp")

Sep 18, Oct 30, Dec 18

    A.A. Larionov
  1. S-B NMR QC Using Single Electron
  2. S-B NMR QC Experiments
  3. Perturbation Approach to Multiqubit Dynamics in Ising Model

Feb 20, May 22, 29, Dec 11, 18

    L.E. Fedichkin
  1. Quantum Bits on the Basis of Liquid Helium
  2. QC Tuning Algorithm
  3. Visiting LANL
  4. High-Frequency Dynamics of Electron in a Quantum Dot

Feb 6, Apr 3, 10, Dec 4

    V.V. V'yurkov
  1. Coherent Light Impulse Capture Experiment
  2. Tunneling in Oscillating Electric Field
  3. Spontaneous Spin Polarization of Electrons in a Quantum Wire
  4. Measurement of a Single Electron Spin State

Feb 6

    A.A. Manenkov "Control of Light Impulse Propagation Velocity in Solids"

Nov 27

    E.B. Fel'dman "Scalable Solid-State NMR QC"

Mar 06, May 29, Jun 19, Sep 25, Nov 20

    S.N. Molotkov
  1. Bit Commitment in Noisy Channel
  2. Relativistic Quantum Communications
  3. Quantum Cryptography via EPR-pairs
  4. About Lorentz-Invariant Uncertainty Principle (Energy-Time) for Relativistic Photon
  5. Measurements in Continuous Bell's Basis and Teleportation

Nov 13

    S.P. Kulik "Bi-Photon States in Quantum Information"

May 15, Oct 23

    Yu.I. Ozhgov
  1. Quantum Algorithms for Structures Recognition
  2. On History of the Grover's Algorithm

Mar 20, Apr 3, 24

    Yu.I. Ozhigov "Quantum Games"

Sep 11

    A.A. Zakharova "State Hybridization in Structures with Break of Band Gap"

May 22

    V. Levin "Modern Cryptography for Classical Computers"

Apr 24

    V.F. Lukichev "Possible Observation of Macroscopical Quantum Coherence in rf-SQUID"

Mar 13

  1. Yu.V. Dubrovsky "Magnetotunnel Spectroscopy of Electrons Wavefunction in Self-organized InAs Quantum Dots"
  2. A.V. Nikulov "Current Fluctuations in a Superconductor Ring"

Feb 20

    R. Singh "Problems of Higher Moments During the Reconstruction of Density Matrix"

Feb 6

    Yu.V. Kopaev "Hyperbolic Coupling as HTSC Mechanism"



The VI Scientific Conference for Young Scientists and Specialists is organized by the Association of Young Scientists and Specialists (AYSS) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). The conference will be held on February, 4-9, 2002 in the big tourist center "Ratmino" not far from Dubna. Working languages: Russian and English. The deadline of submitting applications and abstracts is January 12, 2002.


New topic Chair appeared. It contains information concerning new Chair of Quantum Informatics created at the Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University


I am glad to inform that my coauthor Max Yanchenko won first prize as best jazz guitar player in "Guitar-2000" contest. Congatulations!


Design has been changed

Seminar 2000

Oct 24, 31, Nov 14, 21, 28, Dec 5, 19

    K.A. Valiev "Methods of Laser Cooling for Trapped Ions. Sisyphean Method. Cooling below Kickback Threshold"

Dec 19

    O.A. Khrustalyov "To the Anniversary of Quantum Physics"

Dec 5

    V.V. Vedenyapin, Yu.N. Orlov "Conservation Laws and Eigenvalues of Some Hamiltonians"

Nov 28

    L.E. Fedichkin "Simulation of Quantum Systems on Quantum Computer"

Nov 23

    A. Vorozhtsov "Complexity Classification of Quantum Algorithms" (Lab seminar)

Oct 26, 31 Nov 16, 21

    Yu.I. Ozhigov
  1. Quantum Algorithm for Strucured Search Problem
  2. Quantum Error Correction
  3. Revelation of Eigenvalues as the Main Quantum Trick (Lab seminar)
  4. Shor Algorithm in Terms of Eigenvalues Search

Oct 3, Oct 24, Nov 14

    V.F. Lukichev
  1. Physical Foundations of Quantum Computations with Anions
  2. Superconductor Quantum Bits

Oct 10

    S.N. Molotkov "Protection of Information in Quantum Relativistic Communication Channels"


We congratulate J.I. Alferov with Nobel Prize award for the development of heterostructures for microelectronics and optoelectronics.


At 21:40 on "Culture" (5) TV channel there was a discussion of E.P. Velikhov and K.A. Valiev about quantum computing.


Laboratory server launched.