A. I. Zenchuk(Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics) "Quantum correlations in the processes of transfer and creation of quantum states in systems of particles with spin 1/2"



    G.I. Struchalin (MSU Quantum technology centre) "Shadow tomography"



    D.V. Fastovets (IPT, MIET) "Schmidt Decomposition and Multivariate Statistical Analysis"



    B.I. Bantysh (IPT, MIET) "Quantum State Tomography in Noisy Measuring Channels"



    G.I. Struchalin (MSU) "Adaptive Tomography Quantum Processes"



    E.D. Zhebrak (MPTI) "Probabilistic Tomographic Approach to Quantum Mechanics in the Description of Quantum States of Charged Particles" (based on a PhD thesis)



    Yu.I. Bogdanov, N.A. Bogdanova, K.G. Katamadze, G.V. Avosopyants, V.F. Lukichev (IPT, MIET, MSU) "Research Photon Statistics Using Compound Poisson Distribution and Quadrature Measurements"



    D.V. Fastovets (IPT, MIET) "Schmidt Decomposition and Analysis of Statistical Correlations"



    M.J. Lemus (People’s Friendship University of Russia), Yu.I. Ozhigov (IPT, MSU), N.A. Skovoroda (IPT, MSU)
    "Computer Simulation of C-Sign Quantum Gate on Nonlinear Phase Shifts"



    Yu.G. Rudoy (People’s Friendship University of Russia) "Thermodynamics: a Brief History of the Evolution and Modern Perspectives"



    I.A. Semenikhin (IPT) "Overview of Approaches to Solving the Equations of Mathematical Physics"



    Yu.I. Bogdanov (IPT) "Neutrino Oscillations from the Point of View of Quantum Information" (Discussion of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2015)


Seminar MNE

    A.V. Tsukanov (IPT) "Nanoelectromechanical Diamond Structure in Quantum Computing." Part II.



    G.V. Avosopyants (MIET) "Analysis of Errors in Quantum Homodyne Tomography"



    Yu.I. Bogdanov (IPT) "Analysis Mutually Complementary Quadrature Quantum Measurements"


Seminar MNE

    A.V. Tsukanov (IPT) "Nanoelectromechanical Diamond Structure in Quantum Computing." Part I.



    K.G. Katamadze (IPT, MSU) "Measuring Quadrature States of Light: Experimental Realization"



    Yu.I. Bogdanov (IPT) "Research Logistic Model Methods of Quantum Optics"



    B.I. Bantysh (IPT) "The Fight against Decoherence by Means of the Decoherence"



    P.R. Sharapova (MSU) "Quantum Correlations and Entanglement in Nonclassical States of Light and Atomic Systems, Interacting with them"



    K.G. Katamadze (IPT, MSU) "Broadband Biphotons in a Single Spatial Mode"



    S.A. Moiseev (Kazan National Research Technological University) "Photon Echo Quantum Memory. Current State and Prospects of Development"



    P.P. Mironov (Ulyanovsk State University) "Maximum Entropy Principle in the Theory of Random-Disturbed of Dynamics Equations and its Application to Problems of Theoretical Physics" (based on a PhD thesis)



    K.G. Katamadze (IPT) "Management Spin State NV-Center - Experimental Techniques. Study Diamond Needle with a View to their Use for the Efficient Collection of the Luminescence Color Centers Single"



    E.O. Kiktenko (Bauman MSTU) "Quantum Causal Analysis of Entangled States"
    Article (in russian)



    Yu.I. Bogdanov (IPT) "The Study of Strange Attractors of Lorenz and Rössler by Methods of Quantum Theory"



    A.V. Tsukanov, I.Yu. Kateyev, N.A. Orlikovsky, A.A. Orlikovsky (IPT) "Diamond Quantum Chip with Optical Network Control"



    Yu.I. Bogdanov "Influence of Quantum Noise on Grover's Algorithm and Quantum Fourier Transform: Approach Based on Theory of Quantum Operations"



    K.G. Katamadze "Optical Superresolution of Color Centers in Diamond"



    F.M. Ablayev (Institute for Informatics of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, Kazan) "Classical and Quantum One-Way Functions, Cryptographic Hash Family and Digital Signatures Based on Them"

Seminar 2012

Nov 29 - 16-00

    S.N. Philippov (IPT, MPTI) "Microscopic Models of Indivisible Quantum Channels"

Nov 15

    S.A. Moiseev (Kazan Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences) "Possibilities of Quantum Memory & Control One-Photonic Fields with Help Technics Photonic Echo"

Oct 25

    F.M. Ablayev "Branching Programs Model for Quantum Computatitons and Quantum Information Transfer"

Oct 18

    A.N. Pyrkov (National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan) "Quantum Teleportation with Bose-Einstein Condensates"

Seminar 2011

Sep 29, Oct 20

    K.G. Katamadze "Methods of Controlling Quantum States Based on NV-centers in Diamond"

Oct 20

    I.I. Vlasov (GPI) "Synthesis and Fluorescent Properties of Diamonds Containing Color Centers"

May 26

    D.A. Kronberg (MSU) "Protocols of Quantum Cryptography Using Phase-Time Coding"

Mar 24

    Yu.I. Ozhigov (IPT, MSU) "Quantum Computer and Modeling of Complex Systems"

Mar 10

    Yu.A. Pashkin (NEC Nano Electronics Research Laboratories, RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, LPI RAS) "Correlated Transport in Metallic Nanostructures with Coulomb Blockade of Tunneling"

Feb 24

    I.Yu. Kateyev (IPT, MEPHI) "Photonic-Crystal Cavities: Prospects for Using"

Jan 01, Feb 03, 10

    A.V. Tsukanov "NV-center in Diamond"
  1. Overview, Technology of Manufacturing, Structure of Spectrum
  2. Spectroscopy, Measurement, Quantum Operations
  3. Quantum Algorithms, Scaling, Hybrid Systems

Jan 13

    I.A. Semenihin (IPT) "Effective Methods of Solution of 3D Wave-Equations (Schrodinger & Maxwell)"

Seminar 2006

Apr 06, 13, 20

    K.A. Valiev "Quantum Computers on Ion Traps. Current Status"

Apr 20

    A.Yu. Khrennikov "Quantum Mechanics as Asymptotic Projection of Classical Statistic Mechanics in Infinit Dimensional Phase Space"

Apr 06

    I.A. Semenihin, A.S. Burkov, A.V. Damir "Quantum Computer on Ion Traps" (articles review)

Mar 30

    A.V. Tsukanov "Large-scale Quantum Computer on Optically Driven Donor-Based Nanostructures"

Mar 23

    S.P. Kulik "Polarized States of Bi-Photon Light and its Applications in Quantum Informatics"

Mar 16

    A.A. Kokin "Oblique Interaction between Nuclear Spin-Qubits in Antiferromagnetic"

Seminar 2005

Apr 14, 21

    K.A. Valiev "Modern Condition of Photon Theory"

Mar 10, Dec 8

    Yu.I. Bogdanov
  1. Quantum Mechanics as Statistical Generalization of Classical One
  2. Informational Meaning of Schmidt Expantion

Oct 27, Dec 8

    A.V. Tsukanov
  1. Single-qubit Operations in the Double-Donor Structure Driven by Strongly Detuned Optical Pulses
  2. Donors Implanted into Silicon: 2003-2005 Result's Review. Theory and Experiment

Sep 01 - 15-30

    A. Kal'chenko (Canada) "Data Compression and its Applications in Classic and Quantum Cryptography"

Mar 24, 31, Apr 7

    Yu.I. Ozhigov "Algorithmic Approach to Quantum Theory"

Feb 17, 24, Mar 03

    L.A. Opyonov (MEPHFI)
  1. The subject is being determined
  2. Electronic States of Moleculs
  3. Decoherence and Dephasing of Quantum States

Feb 24

    A.S. Holevo "The Abilities of PowerPoint: Lecture About Quantum Mechanics"


FTIAN weekly seminars are recommenced in 2005

    Leonid Krivitskiy, Gleb Maslennikov (physical faculty MSU). Subject: "Entangled States of Photons" (according to Ph.D. theses)
    Articles in archive:

We congratulate S. N. Molotkov with his election as a corresponding member of Cryptographics Academy of Russia!

International Symposium "Quantum Informatics - 2005"

Quantum Informatics-2004

First announcement and call for papers.

Seminar 2004

Feb 3, Mar 11

    A.V. Tsukanov
  1. SQUID as a Qubit
  2. Geometric Quantum Computation Using Superconducting Qubits

Mar 4

    M.V. Chekhova "Polarization and Spectral Properties of Biphoton Fields"

Feb 26

    A.S. Holevo "The Secret Classical and the Quantum Capacities of a Channel"

Feb 12

    A.A. Kokin "Entanglement of Spin Systems"

Feb 5

  1. F.M Ablaev "About Quantum Communicational Complexity of Boolean Functions"
  2. A.F. Gaynutdinova "Comparitive Complexity of Quantum and Classical Computational Models"

Jan 29

  1. Bychkov A. "Quantum Effects in Artificial Atoms"
  2. Sheverev A. Article review

Seminar 2003

Jan 23, 24

    K.A. Valiev "Quantum Lithography Principles"

Apr 10, Oct 28, Nov 24

    S.N. Molotkov
  1. literature
  2. News in Quantum Communication Theory
  3. Quantum Version of Kotelnikov's Theorem

Feb 6, Apr 24, Nov 13

    I.A. Semenihin
  1. Influence of the Disordering on Superconductors with Small Coherence Length
  2. Quantum Measurements by Single Electron Transistors (literature)
  3. Quantum Computer Discussions

May 29, Nov 6

    Yu.I. Ozhigov
  1. About the Role of Computational Resources in Quantum Formalism
  2. About One Approach to the Numeric Simulation of Quantum Systems

May 15

    A.A. Larionov "Monte Carlo Simulations of Spin-Polarized Transport" (literature)

Apr 24

    A.V. Tsukanov "Measuring the Decogerence Rate in a Semiconductor Charge Qubit" (literature)

Apr 3

    F.M. Ablaev "Author's Investigations in Quantum Algorithm Complexity Theory"

Mar 27

    A.S. Holevo "Author's Investigations in the Field of Quantum Information Theory"

Mar 13

  1. F.R. Fazilov "Some Problems in Performing Modern Nanostructure Devices and Ways of Their Overcoming"
  2. A.S. Burkov "Adiabatic Quantum Computation"

Mar 06

    V.F. Elesin "Resonant Tunneling and Response in Alterating Electro-Magnetic Field"

Feb 27

    A.A. Gorbatsevich "Microscopic Heterointerface Theory"

Feb 7

    Yu.V. Kopaev "New Approach on Superconductivity Theory"

Jan 24

    A.M. Afanasyev "Suppression of Two-Photon Absorption Processes in Gases"

Jan 09

    L.E. Fedichkin "Qubit Relaxation due to Measurement"

PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE (volume 5128) is available
Contents of PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE (volume 5128)



The International Conference «Micro- and Nanoelectronics – 2003» (ICMNE-2003) will be held in the holiday hotel “Lipki”, Zvenigorod, Moscow district, October 6-10, 2003, following All-Russian Conferences “MNE-1999”, Lipki 1999 and “MNE-2001”, Lipki 2001.

Abstract submission Deadline is April 25th, 2003
Paper submission Deadline is September 15th, 2003


Archive update

You can find here archives of slides and posters from Ph.D. presentations by A.A. Larionov and A.V. Tsukanov

Seminar 2002

Oct 21, 31, Nov 14, 21, Dec 5

    K.A. Valiev "News in Decoherence Theory"

Dec 19

    A. Timofeev "Quantum Error Correction"

Dec 5

    S.S. Nasin "Time-Energy Uncertainty Relation for Photon: Landau-Peierls vs Bialynicki-Birula Wave Function"

Nov 28

    A.Yu. Khrennikov "Probabilistic Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information"

Nov 21

    S.N. Molotkov "Quantum Channel Capacity in Real Time". Part 1

Mar 12, Nov 14

    A.A. Kokin
  1. Quantum Operations in Rare - Earth - Ion Doped Cristals
  2. Adiabatic Decoherence Model of Qubit State in Solid-State Quantum Register. Noncontrolled Phase Factors of Quantum States

Oct 21

    V.I. Tarkhanov "Quantum Computations in Mesomorphic Environments"

Jan 15, Mar 12, Apr 16

    V.V. V'yurkov
  1. Review on Spintronics
  2. Quantum Computing with Electrons Captured by Acoustic Waves
  3. Quantum Computer Based on Aaronov-Bohm Phenomenon" (literature)

Mar 5, Apr 9

    A.A. Zakharova
  1. Strain Effects on Exchange in Silicon: Quantum Computer Architecture Consideration
  2. Spin Relaxation in Silicon" (literarture)

Jan 15, Mar 5

    A.A. Tsukanov
  1. Coherent Generation in Multi-Well Structures
  2. Resonant Electron Transport between Remote Qubits in Quantum Register

Feb 26

    A.A. Ezhov "Quantum Neuro-Calculations"

Feb 19

  1. Yu.I. Ozhigov "Quantum Computer with Fixed Interaction is Universal"
  2. A.A. Larionov "Tunnel-Resonant Semiconductor NMR Quantum Computer"

Feb 5

    I.V. Volovich, Ya.I. Volovich "Quantum Crypthography in Space"

Jan 29

    I.V. Volovich "Quantum Information in Space and Time"


As a result of his work on quantum computers, one of the founders of our lab site Leonid Fedichkin has recently got Best Young Scientist Award of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Our Congratulations!

International Symposium "Quantum Informatics-2002"

Guidelines for preparation of manuscripts for publication"

Time Table of "Quantum Informatics-2002"
First Announcement and Call For Papers

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