International Symposium "Quantum informatics-2002" - QI-2002

Guidelines for preparation of manuscripts for publication

In order to help our authors in preparation for publication in Proceedings of SPIE of your papers submitted to QI-2002 we provide you with the following guidelines.

The manuscripts of the papers should be prepared according to SPIE Guidelines:

Print your manuscript single-sided on high-quality white paper, using a laser printer of at least 600 dots per inch (dpi), or a letter-quality printer. In pencil, write the primary author's last name, paper number (e.g., 4506-17), and manuscript page number over the total number of pages (e.g., 1/8) on the upper left corner of the back of each page of the manuscript.

Manuscripts should be 8 to 12 single-sided pages (15 pages for Invited Papers). There is a charge of $30 for each additional manuscript page beyond 12 pages. All text—including footnotes and author information—and illustrations must appear within a 6.75x8.75 in. (17x22 cm) area. If you use a U.S.-standard (8.5x11 in./21.5x27.8 cm) page, set margins to .88 in. (2.2 cm) left and right, and 1.2 in. (3.1 cm) top and bottom. If you use an A4 page, set margins to 2.0 cm left and right, 3.1 cm top, and 4.7 cm bottom. Use Times Roman or equivalent font for all text. Use boldface or italic for emphasis only. Single-space all text, allowing extra space between paragraphs. The proper fonts (all Times Roman) for various elements are:

Article title

16 pt bold

Author names, affiliations

12 pt


11 pt bold caps

Subsection heading

10 pt bold

Body text

10 pt

Figure captions

9 pt

Footnote text

9 pt

To ensure that your paper is indexed appropriately in SPIE's searchable database, please insert a list of up to 10 keywords of your choice between the abstract and the body of the text.

For more information go to:

Please, send the electronic version of your manuscript to and bring the camera ready hard copy to QI-2002 registration at the conference opening day.