Some of our papers are available online:

Quantum Computer with Fixed Interaction is Universal

Implementation of Quantum Fourier Transform and Simulation of Wave Functions by Fixed Interaction

On Nuclear Spin Measurement using Coherent Electron Spin Transport

Quantum recognition of eigenvalues, structure of devices and thermodynamic properties

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of 31P donors in silicon quantum computer

Polynomial procedure of avoiding multiqubit errors arising due to qubit-qubit interaction

Charge based quantum computer without charge transfer

Novel coherent quantum bit using spatial quantization levels in semiconductor quantum dot

A model for ensemble NMR quantum computer using antiferromagnetic structure

How behavior of systems with sparse spectrum can be predicted on a quantum computer

Solid-state NMR quantum computer with individual access to qubits and some its ensemble developments

Speedup of iterated quantum search by parallel performance

Fast quantum verification for the formulas of predicate calculus

Lower Bounds of Quantum Search for Extreme Point

Quantum Computers Speed Up Classical with Probability Zero

Quantum Computer Can Not Speed Up Iterated Applications of a Black Box

Protection of information in quantum qatabases

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